Hi There! I’m Alisa! Are you a Creative Entrepreneur? Do you have a little bit of Shiny Object Syndrome? (I call it SOS- because I’m SUPER creative too!)  Ever feel like “I seriously need somebody to help me FOCUS?”

AWESOME! You are in the right place! Exceptional business leaders partner with me to make their businesses striking, memorable and profitable. We create systems and processes so you can focus on YOUR business and what you love so that you can do more work with your PERFECT clients. I’m SUPER Creative, so I totally get Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS). For many entrepreneurs, the struggle is REAL. It’s why I love working with you to help you focus on your genius zone and FINALLY get paid to do what you love.  What’s with all the food stuff Alisa? I love food and I firmly believe anyone can cook.  Using that philosophy, I applied it to Branding your business.  I TRULY believe building a beautiful brand, and marketing your business just takes the right ingredients, a little direction and the right tools!  Ready to get started?

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Tracy Schmitz
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How awesome for us Gen Xers that marketing and training are your specialty! No more floundering around and guessing at what works.


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