Episdode 003 – Identifying Your Strengths To Propel Your Business With Alissa Daire Nelson

In today’s interview episode, I talk strengths with Alissa Daire Nelson of Daire 2 Succeed.  Alissa is a powerhouse who is trained and certified in Gallup Strengths Testing.  The Gallups Strength Test identifies those areas that each individual naturally excels at.  Alissa has taken her knowledge one level further by helping others not only identify their strengths but teaches them the power of focusing their strengths to promote how they serve others.  The information provided by Alissa can be used to write website copy, promote products and services, help differentiate from competitors and build a team of leaders who have strengths in different areas.

Don’t Miss These Tidbits:

[03:34] Our brain’s job with our beliefs is to reinforce them not to break them. So even if we had 100 pieces of information that would, would dispel that belief, all we need is one piece of information to go see, I told you that’s accurate. The Strengths Finder profile was 40 years of research and it was repeatable and reliable and all of the research terms that you need to know that it’s legit. I needed that because in black and white it showed me I had things that were right with me and I needed that kind of concrete evidence in order to start chipping away at that limiting belief that everything was wrong with me.

[09:06] Here’s why it’s wise to focus on your strengths because we take care of two-thirds of our weaknesses by optimizing our strengths. And then don’t ignore that we have weaknesses. We just go, hey, you know what, I’m much better suited over here. I get more done, I can contribute more, I have more energy. I see you are really great at this. It gives us the space to honor and edify and elevate other people in our circle who are gifted at the things that were not.”

[21:15] There are 34 identified strength themes, and each of them have their own. I personify everything. So they, each of them have their own personality, right? But in your top five, uh, this was what allows you to truly be unique. So in order for somebody to have the exact same top five in the same order as you, and now we’re not even talking about six through 34. Okay. This is one in 33 million. Like, you’re that unique, right? 

[24:43 ]People can’t contribute like you can because they are wired differently and so these are the things that make you uniquely you and again because part of our job is to fill in the gaps of other people’s non-strengths. You get to bring those contributions forward and in you’re gonna you’re gonna draw in your ideal client that doesn’t have what you have to offer.

[25:08] You get to bring those contributions forward and in you’re gonna you’re gonna draw in your ideal client that doesn’t have what you have to offer. And so not every client is your client and that’s actually a good thing. But if you’re able to articulate your unique contributions, your unique selling proposition that is going to help you to stand confidently in your own brand and be able to then not compare.

[28:38] When you physically pull out your resource guide, it gives you the emotional space to get outside of your jar.  And it gives you the proverbial time for the three deep breaths or the count to 10 moments. And when you look at what your needs are, when you look at what your triggers are, all of a sudden it gives you language around how to ask for what you need or how to put up the boundaries that you need to in so that you can thrive.

[32:45] Seven billion people on this planet. Now, if you whittle it down to how many are your ideal client? Maybe you’re looking at, I don’t know, 100,000. If you’re really niched down, you can’t serve 100,000 people folks. So it’s okay. It’s okay that not everybody is your client, um, but, but if you are really specific about what you have to offer, um, now you don’t have to worry about that. You can come from a place of abundance.

Listen to the entire episode here:

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Resources Mentioned:

Gallup Strengths Test

Intro To Awesomeness

Daire 2 Succeed Membership

Key Takeaways:

1.  Know Your Strengths, Non-Strengths and Be Aware of Strength Overuse (burnout)

2.  Strength Awareness Creates Immediate Differentiation

3.  Your unique contributions help you to stand confidently in your own brand

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