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015 – 3 Tools To Intentionally Plan Your 2019 For Success

Episode 015 Planning Tools For 2019In today’s episode I talk about the 3 BIG tools I use to plan my day, my month and my year.  I cover my top 3 tools that help me stay focused, be more productive and align with what my heart really wants, not what someone else has told me my business should be.

I’ve tried a lot of tools over the years, some electronic, some paper and pen.  I give you the scoop on what research shows the best method of tracking, being creative and planning your day.  I also walk you step by step through my planners, planning process and the success I have had since using these tools.

If you’re ready to create some impact in 2019 and have the tools to make that leap, tune into today’s episode and I will give you the scoop and the tools to get it done.

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P.S.  I don’t get an affiliate promos from these tools, I just really like them and hope they help you as well.

Resources Mentioned

Danielle Laporte Planner

The Mastery Journal

The Daily Intentions Planner

Panda Planner

Episode 005 With Teri Karjala

Episode 011 Gratitude, Grounding and Growing Your Business

Focus At Will

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