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018 – Finding Your Keywords and Putting Your SEO Into Action

Podcast 018 -SEO With Mike MichaelsonIn today’s episode I talk with Mike Michaelson of LegitClick Media and we are talking SEO.  If you are like many people, including me, you may be cringing at the thought.  But stop!  This is important and I believe in your ability to understand Search Engine Optimization.  Mike and I give you the inside scoop on why SEO is SUPER important even in 2019.  It is THE best way for you to rank higher in google and show up in social media searches.  (Yes that’s totally a thing!)

You know the best place to hide a dead body right?  On the second page of Google.  Corny humor aside, the reality is if you are creating content, written, video or even audio if you aren’t utilizing SEO in your great content, no one (or hardly anyone) is seeing it.  You need some serious tips from an expert on how to rank and stay top of mind.  Mike generously shares his expertise today.

In 2018, Hubspot surveyed companies about their number one marketing priority and guess what came in 1st place – you guessed it SEO.  Just a heads up there are paid versions of SEO where you pay someone to help you rank higher, but we are talking about how to rank your own content organically (read free) so that more eyeballs see what you have poured your heart and soul into.

Of course these branding components apply:

  1. Know who your audience is
  2. Know what they are searching for – which key phrases, terms, words
  3. Offer a unique solution to their problem once they arrive otherwise they are outta there faster than a losing super bowl team

Because I believe this is SO important, I’ve created a resource cheat sheet for you with some Free SEO tools to get you started.  You can find that cheat sheet here.


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