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46. Nurture, Nurture, Nurture – Convert. (my Gary V analogy)

This week I’m giving Gary V’s Jab, Jab, Jab -Right Hook a makeover

If you don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, I fill you in on this episode as well as share when I heard first heard is “getting started” story and how he became a multi-millionaire entrepreneur.  One of his most famous marketing books Jab, Jab, Jab – Right Hook is how I started to learn about his infinite marketing wisdom.  But I thought the title needed a makeover, so I did it Alisa style.

So, I changed it up a bit to Nurture, Nurture, Nurture – Convert.

I’ve seen a trend since growing my and my client’s businesses.  The more we love on our prospects, the more likely they are to buy.  (I know what a simple concept). Unfortunately, as simple as it is, it often gets overlooked.  Which is why, I’ve laid out a simple 3 step process for you in this episode to grow your audience and get more customers.  In addition,  4 ways to implement the nurture step.  Here’s that quick 3 step process:

1. Create kick a$$ content consistently. 

People want answers and they want them quickly.  The best way to get known and grow a following is to create Kick A$$ content.  I see people fail in this area in 2 ways. First, they put crappy content out there that no one wants. Second, they are not consistently creating content.  There is a cure for both. Quit putting crap out there and instead create stuff that people need and want, that solves their problems.  We live in a CRAZY competitive online world and your poopy content isn’t doing you or anyone else ANY good.  So as the old adage says, if you’re going to do it – do it right.  This means put some time into it, figure out a new take on the old and for gosh sakes, put your personality and spin on it.  Next, do it regularly and tell people what to expect.  If you’re going to create content (and I KNOW it takes time) then tell people when they can next expect your next article, video, etc. and keep your word.

2. Tell people about it and attract your audience

This is another area where business owners make fail.  They painstakingly create content.  Pour hours into it and then they put it on their website and the finger tapping begins.  Why isn’t anyone coming? Why hasn’t anyone read it? Why are there no comments? Well, my friend – because NO ONE IS SEEING IT!  You have to be your own best advocate.  Building a following and an audience is hard work, which means you have to get REALLY good at tooting your own horn again, and again, and again – until people start to see you.  It takes time.  You can cheat a bit with ads, but that’s another conversation. Create a plan, tell people about your great stuff and keep on telling them.

3. Love on em, a WHOLE lot! (nurture, nurture, nurture)

Once people show up and regularly love on your content, love on them back.  Create conversations. Respond to their comments. Say thank you – nurture, nurture, nurture. Treat them like they are the best thing that’s ever happened to you and your business (because they are) and I guarantee that you will stand out from all the other noise out there and get more people paying attention and turning to you to fix their biggest business problems.

Try out one of these 4 nurturing tips:

  1. Create a welcome email series that brings them on board with your organization.
  2. Personalize every possible experience for your audience
  3. Share older content that they may have missed that is relevant to them to build rapport
  4. Start more conversations by asking more questions

Once you have created this rapport and started to build that relationship, conversion is a walk in the park.  Which of these 3 steps are you using in your business? Which do you need to improve?

Let me know over on Instagram via Direct Message.

Listen to the entire episode here:

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