5 Ingredients To Get Your Brand Noticed

COOK TIME: 6 months +
SAVINGS:  $$$$$$


  • Clearly Defined Vision & Values
  • Memorable Logo
  • Emotional Connection with your ideal client
  • Consistency in Communication
  • Developed Brand Strategy


Start here by fully describing the vision & values of your company.  What you want your brand to stand for and how it relates to your customers.  Keep in mind things like:

  1. Your brand personality.  The closer you get to your personality the better.  I’ll tell you a story it took me over a year to come up with how I wanted to infuse my personality into my brand.  Be patient, because once it shows up…it’s like the secret sauce.
  2. How you relate to your ideal client.  What experiences have you had that are similar to theirs?  How can you share those so that you can build trust and likability?
  3. What their problems are and how you solve them?  You started your company for a reason, what obstacles were you encountering, that made you stop and think…”hey I can solve that problem.”  How can you convey that into your brand?
  4. Why Your Company is different.  There are millions of companies out there, but none are just like you or yours.  What makes you unique?  Smoothie Friday’s while you play office bingo?  Share those unique characteristics, let your ideal clients know who you are and what makes you cool as a cucumber when under pressure.
  5. How most customers feel after working with you.  This is your time to shine like those little silver balls on decorated Christmas cookies…you know the kind that were responsible for breaking a tooth or two in the 70s….that…what is that for you and your customers?  Why did they pick you?  Don’t know?  Ask.  They will likely be glad you did and will share their experiences with you.

Let’s talk Logos.  Yes they should be pretty and it is every clients true belief of what branding “is” but remember a logo without a brand is just a piece of artwork that people think about until they get to the next trash can.  However, when designing your logo or having it designed, keep in mind that it should be:

  1. Memorable – think Apple, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.
  2. Timeless – think Tiffany, Rolex, Coca Cola
  3. Simple – don’t over complicate…it confuses buyers
  4. Appropriate for your industry – if you’re a lawyer, clowns & balloons are probably not your best logo choice
  5. Versatile – it can change as your company changes but still carry with it the reputation you have built

Determine how you will connect with your ideal candidate with:

  1. Social Media & Blogging
  2. Email
  3. Telephone and Voice Mail Communication
  4. In Person
  5. When they become a raving fan

Develop a consistent communication plan that:

  1. Stays in alignment with your values & vision
  2. Utilizes consistent imagery, colors, fonts
  3. Lets your audience know what to expect from you
  4. Attempts to end every customer interaction with the same emotional connection
  5. Creates positive experiences

Develop a Brand Strategy to:

  1. Tell your story and create emotional connection
  2. Create consistency and reliability
  3. Connect specific actions to each company goal
  4. Save time and money by attracting your ideal client
  5. Help you stand out from your competition


Canva – Create your own look and feel for your online presence
99Designs – Get a great logo designed on your terms
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