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57. The Power of Setting Intentions + Taking Action

The problem with manifestation is . . .

There are a lot of gurus out there that will tell you to just sit around and manifest what you want into your life.  Unfortunately, the key ingredient they leave out, more often than not, is that you have to take intentional action that aligns with what you are trying to bring into your life.  An intention is a contract between your subconscious and conscious mind, but intention will only take you so far in attaining the life you REALLY want to be living.

How the heck do I start bringing my intentions into my reality?

This week we are diving into some mind work, because believe it or not, if your mind isn’t aligned with you what you want in your business (think subconscious running the show) then no matter what tactic, system or method you put into place – you will find yourself right where you are now.  Which is why this mind-stuff is UBER important.

Please don’t tell me I’m going to have to meditate Alisa!

Okay, I won’t. But you do, sort of.  You see your subconscious mind is already programmed.  For many of us, years and years of programming in fact – back to about the time we were 8 years old.  We have beliefs and thoughts that we likely don’t even know we are caring around (unless we have done a lot of digging to find them out.) The other thing about your subconscious is that it really likes to run the show and to tune into your inner wisdom, which is not always aligned with your subconscious, you need to quiet the mind.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

In this week’s episode, I’ve laid out 5 specific steps you can take to align your intention with some good old fashioned action steps.

Listen to the entire episode here for all the details, but here’s the lowdown on how to get started:

1. Take some time to be quiet, every day!  (yes you read that right!  EVERYDAY!)
I’m not saying you have to meditate, you do you boo.  What I am saying is that we live in a SUPER busy world and it is easy to start your day being inundated with notifications, alerts, and the demands of the world.  You will never be able to make changes happen if you can’t find a few minutes to sit, breathe and listen.

2.  Listen for the gap between your thoughts.
I once had a meditation guide say “listen to the space between your thoughts” when meditating.  Isn’t that wise? The blank empty space that is as short as a breath. When you can focus on that, it will get longer and longer and your mind will slow down and become quiet, and you my friend, will be a meditating guru. Because that’s all it takes, to be aware of the silence and just listen.  Not so hard right? Ok, it is totally hard, but that’s why it’s called a meditation practice. Practice makes perfect.

3.  Set your intention and here’s the key –>>>RELEASE IT.
You can intend all day long, but if you try to control the outcome, you aren’t giving the universe space to deliver to you what is in your best interest.  Oh I know, if you are anything like me, you’ve already figured out what would be in your best interest.  But, experience has shown me that the more you try to control a situation instead of letting it go, the more difficult things become.  Learn from my pigheadedness, just let it go and let it unfold, it is SO MUCH EASIER.

4. Verbalize and or write out your intention.

Setting your intention is one thing. But when you put a stake in the ground by writing or saying your intention out loud, the universe will hear you loud and clear.  I actually recommend doing both. It leaves no room for miscommunication or interpretation.  You’ve said it and written it and it’s what you want. It’s also psychologically important because you can hear what you want and that’s some powerful vibration.  Does that mean you can’t change your mind? Of course not. But if you do, just be sure to say it again.

5.  Now it’s time to take action.

This is the #1 thing that is forgotten or overlooked when it comes to making changes in your life.  You can’t just sit around on your couch eating bomb bombs and expect the universe to deliver millions of dollars to you.  You have to take action.  More importantly, you have to take action in faith.  Plan out what you can control to get the ball rolling and here’s the kicker, then let it go.  Because things may not roll the way you have planned them.  Be patient, do what you can do and see how things unfold.  I PROMISE, the universe really does have your back.  Another tip in this area is don’t fret about the details.  Believe in serendipity and just keep an eye out for the universe at work. It’s pretty amazing stuff when you start paying attention.

I promise you the universe is conspiring for you to succeed and is always working in your favor.  I’ve seen it in my life again and again and I share a lot of stories and details in Episode 57.  Give it a listen here.

What did you learn from this episode? 

Come and tell me in the Facebook Group. Not in the group yet? Consider this your official invitation to join me in my Facebook Group. I talk all things online business growth but specifically sales funnels, branding and WordPress.

Listen to the entire episode here:

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