Hi there!  I’m Alisa Conner! Thanks so much for popping over to learn a little more about me.

Like you, I’m a creative at heart.

Like you, I’m a creative at heart.  My two greatest passions are food and helping creative entrepreneurs succeed (I count wine in the food category), and not necessarily in that order.  As a creative, I struggle with staying focused and working on those tasks that aren’t necessarily considered creative.  You know the ones, accounting, bookkeeping, and even sales.  I love to make things and specifically make them pretty.  However, that hasn’t always proven to make the cash register ring.

That is when I figured out the secret.

I could focus on the pretty but I also had to figure out a way to get in front of the people I knew I could help.  How you ask?  By identifying who they are, answering their biggest problem (hello – yes customers) and then helping them get in front of those people quickly and memorably.

As business owners, let’s face it, we are waaaay to close to our own business.  This is our baby – which is good and bad.  Good because you love it and you want it to succeed, bad because we often don’t see the glaring problem that is hindering our success.  This is where I help you succeed where I struggled forever.  I offer that outside perspective and help you dig out the answers to those three deceivingly simple questions.  Once you figure out the answers, I just get to sit back and watch you achieve your gargantuan goals (I’m pretty sure that’s a word).

Some might say I have an obsession with branding.

But what is branding really?  Simply, it is the ability for you to remain top of mind when your people (yes you have people) are ready to solve their specific problem.  Let’s look at Tylenol for example. When you have a headache, you likely reach for a pain reliever – like Tylenol.  If you have children, you nearly always reach for Tylenol.  From teething to fever to you name it – Tylenol saves the day.  See the problem there, and how Tylenol is literally a household name?  That’s what I do with your brand.  That is branding at it’s best.  Me, I literally see it everywhere.  It’s my gift and nearly annoying to my family.  Especially on family vacations, my 3 teenage boys (13, 13, and 16 – yes I have twins) have perfected the ching-ching-ching sound of their eyeballs hitting the back of their head from rolling them so hard when I say look at the amazing branding here or look what they did there.

What’s with all the branding hoopla?

You’ve probably heard branding, branding, branding everywhere.  But here’s the secret – branding CAN’T be just about pretty – because pretty doesn’t pay the bills my friend.

I hear you – you’ve spent money on that beautiful website, business cards and social media imagery – but you are still waiting for all of those customers to come a knockin’ at your door.  Unfortunately, you will probably be waiting, and waiting and waiting.

Why?  Because you were sold on the lie that branding had everything to do with how you look.  What you really need was someone to help you become and stay memorable and top of mind with your ideal client.

I started my consulting practice and created my online program because business owners, like you, would approach and ask me how to grow their business and get actual clients who paid them.  When I used the terms branding and marketing their eyes glazed over and I lost them.  Mind you branding didn’t have the attention it has now and was mostly reserved for corporations with big pockets and lots of money, times have a changed with the internet.  But what I found was that, oftentimes business owners found themselves spending money on things

  • that weren’t working
  • that they didn’t understand what they were paying for and
  • why it wasn’t working.

My people were wearing themselves thin by trying to be on every social media site under the sun because that’s what everyone else was doing. Worse, they were going broke paying for advertisements and the latest “customer generation miracle” that wasn’t helping them grow or expand.  Even worse, sometimes they lost track of what they were paying for and why.  It doesn’t have to be this hard or expensive, promise!

Why listen to me?

I’ve been an entrepreneur now for over 12 years (OUCH that hurt!) and have been in the branding and marketing industry for (do I dare say it?) over 20 years including some tiny corporations like GE and Canon.  Needless to say, I’ve learned a thing or two.  Like what works (for them and for you), and what doesn’t.  Now I take my big beautiful brain filled with all this branding knowledge and help you find your people and attract them in groves so you can have lots of parties where we eat food and drink wine.  (only half kidding about that last part.)

My long-standing passion for food led me to own and operate two food-based businesses and I remember how dang hard it was to find clients.  I thought this has to be easier, what the heck Alisa. One day my brain started churning, and I thought back to my corporate life and realized I needed to use my noggin’ and make this easier.  So, I came up with a proven process that will save you time, money, energy and a whole lotta headaches.


That doesn’t mean this process won’t take a commitment or some grit, it definitely takes some work, but is also oh so rewarding! Like anything in life, breaking it down into bite-sized chunks will make it a whole lot easier to swallow.

I truly believe any business owner small, medium or large, can be successful with a strong brand.  Just like every great recipe starts with ingredients and instructions, it is the chef’s personality who really adds flair and individuality to the dish.  Branding is the same way.  Start with a basic formula, add your own special sauce to the mix and you have a system that not only works but becomes a whole lot of fun.

Once again, Welcome!

I can’t wait to learn more about you and your business and what you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Hey did you know I have a FREE Facebook community that we are filling with entrepreneurs just like YOU?  I’d love for you to come and check us out for new tips, tools, tricks, and fun.


Until then,

Be Memorable, Be Profitable and Be Exceptional in everything you do!


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