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3 Reasons Why Your Target Market Is Killing Your Business

As entrepreneurs we are told again and again to focus our marketing and brands to our target market.  Know who you are talking to is a mantra heard across the land.  I'm challenging that thinking today.  I think in today's fast paced world with ultra smart buyers, we...

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10 (Mostly) Free tools to rock your business in 2017

Are you working on those New Year's goals?  Recently I read a statistic that 92% fail at keeping their New Year's resolutions.  Which is why I believe in setting goals.  In order to help you reach those goals and rock your business I wanted to share some great tools...

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5 Ingredients To Get Your Brand Noticed

5 Ingredients To Get Your Brand Noticed PREPARATION TIME: 4 Weeks + COOK TIME: 6 months + SAVINGS:  $$$$$$ Ingredients: Clearly Defined Vision & Values Memorable Logo Emotional Connection with your ideal client Consistency in Communication Developed Brand Strategy...

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