Episode 004 – Hiring A Brand Photographer To Capture Your Audience

In today’s interview episode, we are talking Brand Photography and the impact good photos can make on attracting your Ideal Client.  My guest Jenn Hernandez with Jenn Hernandez Photography gives us the inside scoop on how to prep for your photo session and the tips and tricks of the trade.  These tips will help you to not only look stunning in your photos but teach you how to hire a photographer that will capture the real you.  Jenn grabs the personality and passion of her clients in her photos, and in this episode, she shares with us how to get those same photos for your website, social media posts, and profiles.  Tune in for this brand photography training session.

Don’t Miss These Tidbits:

[07:49] “So if you’re going into getting ready to get your pictures taken and your thought is I don’t like taking pictures, you know, you kind of really not setting yourself up for a very good time, right? It’s something that you’re dreading. So mindset work ahead of time. I know probably nobody says that for photography, but mindset work ahead of the photo session is super important and I think prep or the preparation that people go through to tell their story, having their ideal clients set their color Palettes, locations.”

[08:57] “Really just kind of getting comfortable with looking at yourself and how you look, you know, make different faces, see what it looks like when you’re trying to be silly. Is it silly or is it just ridiculous? And then as far as selfies and stuff like that, you really want to make sure that you know your cameras either at eye level or above to get the right angles. If I were to put my chin up in the camera, you wouldn’t want somebody’s chin up in the camera.  And the lighting is super important, which as a photographer, I’m always seeking the right light source. Something that is really even generally, like now I’m facing a window. If I were to move away from the window, my skin would start to look different.  It’s just kind of one of those things where, you know, just the more prep work you can do, the better.”

[11:33] “I have people that come all the time and they’re like, I need brand photography, so I dig in a little bit deeper and I tried to understand their ideal client, ask them about their color palettes and stuff like that. And then come to find that they’d haven’t actually established a personal brand yet. They’ve got colors and fonts and a basic website, but they don’t know who their audiences. They don’t know where their audience hangs out, they don’t know what their audience likes. So that’s where I would press the brakes on my process and refer them to someone like you Alisa because they need to have that figured out first.”

[17:26] “So again, as you’re interviewing a photographer and really trying to understand what it is that you get delivered, you would want to make sure that you understand the complete cost. So if they’re just charging for a session and then you have to purchase photos, it would be a good idea to understand what that package looks like ahead of time. That way you’re not surprised when you get to the end and oh, by the way, you’ve got, you know, x, Y, Z to add onto the price tag.”

[23:43] “As you get into the process and you start thinking about how to visually tell your story and as a photographer gets to know you, I feel like that’s where a little more genius happens because then you’re able to, one, you’re not taking as much time to warm up to the camera and things, you’re already familiar with this photographer and how they work. So creating that relationship puts you at ease, and you’re able to dig in quicker. And they know when they’re getting you and when they’re not getting you.”

[25:45] “Any way that you can kind of visually tell your story and think about the details that you do for your clients that you know is specific to you. It’s about capturing those details too. Like what sets you apart, what problem are you fixing, what does that solution look like for them? And how can you visually tell that story kind of along the way.”

[26:44] “Consistency is important. You want to match lighting as much as possible. So if you have very bright and fun feed, you’re not going to want to take a picture in a really dark room no matter how beautiful the meal looks to you at that moment. It’s not good lighting. Angles are important with products and food. So it really kind of depends, you know, I just did a product shoot for a makeup line. So all of those angles are either from down or really close up on the product, you know, with food, I think generally coming down to where the plate is or generally over it, just like directly on top of it. Invest in an iPhone or a cell phone with a really good camera. And there are several tweaks that you can make kind of after the fact. So you’re going to want to lower your shadows and bump your highlights a little bit. Bump the brightness, you know, just make it look as appetizing as possible and lighting is important. Lighting’s a big part of that. So if you’re in a restaurant and you can get near a window with your plate, that’s good.”

Listen to the entire episode here:

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Key Takeaways:

1.  Mentally prepare for your photo shoot, get your head on straight.

2.  Plan your shoot around your personality and your brand and how to stage your photos to illustrate that.

3.  Lighting is your best friend when it comes to selfies, product and food photos.

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