Episode 005 -Mindset Changing Your Mind About Your Mind With Teri Karjala

Wow!  Are you in for a treat with \today’s interview episode, where I interview Teri Karjala with Talking With Teri.  Teri is an expert in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and she shows us how to use this revolutionary technique to free trapped emotions in our bodies that are keeping us stuck, broke and not where we want to be.  She walks us through step by step of the technique and shares some of her amazing stories of the impact EFT has had on her life.  There is also a Free Download of the Tapping Points Teri mentions in this episode that you can grab below.  Tune in for this exciting episode that will literally change the way you move forward in your business and your life.

Don’t Miss These Tidbits:

[06:11] 90% of the thoughts that we have every day or the thoughts that we’ve had the previous day. So if you think about that, like we’re just constantly recycling our thoughts and if they’re not serving us, you know, we, we know that we have 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day and only 2000 of those are conscious thoughts. So when we think we’re running the show really nice, it’s whatever the unconscious and subconscious thoughts are running the show with, and so most of those thoughts are negative.

[06:52] It’s the unconscious, place where we’re holding ourselves back, but we’re not really sure where and what that looks like. First of all, recognizing where that is and just starting off with a couple of questions of:  Am I where I’d like to be? Because a lot of people will say, no, I’m not, I’m not where I’d like to be, and if I were, where is that that you’d like to be? Some other questions that you could be asking yourself just to clarify, identify the stuff that’s going on with you are, what is coming up that keeps coming up? Is there a pattern or a theme in your life that keep showing its head and you see it over here maybe in your personal life you see it here in relationships, what are those concepts, things that you’re noticing and recognizing in your life. Because that will give you some clues.

[10:21] Essentially what it is (describing EFT) is acupuncture without the needles. Most people are familiar with acupuncture where they’re using needles and the various Meridians and acupressure is using applied pressure to a certain point, and then EFT is using a tapping motion. So we want to stimulate those points that are on the body (with tapping).

Terri’s Getting Started Story – SO SO Good!

[11:38] How I got connected to this, I was actually in a class and I used to be terrified, absolutely terrified of spiders. I mean, I can’t even tell you, like I was beyond terrified and I was in this class training and there was a little tiny spider that was on the floor and it comes crawling across and I found myself like pulling my legs up into my chair and then all of a sudden I start to panic.  After a few minutes someone goes, are you okay?  So I leaned over and I said, I don’t want to alarm you, but. I think we’re all going to die. And, they were like what? There’s a spider in here and I think we are all gonna die and I’m like, almost in like full panic. I was just like I couldn’t contain it anymore. And so they actually, the professor of the class took a 15-20 minute break just for me to calm myself down. So there’s a guy sitting next to me, he’s like, I see that you’re really terrified of spiders, can I do this tapping thing on you? And I’m like, okay, crazy guy. I think like I’ve had this fear for like, I dunno probably at the time, like 23, 24 years. I’m like, sure, I’ll do anything. He starts tapping and starts doing this and that and I’m looking up and looking down and humming and I’m like, this is like literally the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced. Like this guy is what is this guy now? So I leave that class and I was calm afterward, came back, finished up the class and that probably about two weeks later I was out on a boat dock and I was just walking on the boat dock and there was a spider web and I had walked through this spider web and I did NOT freak out, but I didn’t know that I didn’t freak out, which was interesting. Then probably about a month later after that, there was a little tiny spider in our bedroom, so I went over and I took a tissue and I took it off the wall and I, don’t judge, but I flushed it, and my husband looked at me and goes, what’d you do?  I go, what do you mean?  He says –  no, what did you just do? And I’m like, well, there was a spider. I took care of it, like, what’s the big deal? And he’s like, there was a spider and you took care of it and we didn’t have to call the police, we didn’t have to call the fire department, we didn’t have to evacuate the building, we don’t stay at a hotel for two days. What’s going on? And I was like, oh my gosh, there was this guy, this crazy guy doing this tapping stuff on me.

Listen to the entire episode here:

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Resources Mentioned:

Be The Magic of You

Daily Intentions Planner

Get the EFT Tapping Points Download Here:

Key Takeaways:

1.  Know Your Strengths, Non-Strengths and Be Aware of Strength Overuse (burnout)

2.  Strength Awareness Creates Immediate Differentiation

3.  Your unique contributions help you to stand confidently in your own brand

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