The following are all resources I have tried and use regularly in my business. 

They are meant for newer businesses like yours, but see the power of investing in your business. 

Each of the links is an affiliate link meaning I get paid if you choose to work with them, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra to use the link. 

Thanks in advance for being awesome!

Website Hosting

My favorite website hosting company by far is Siteground.  I love them for 24-hour uptime, having an amazing value for their pricing and phenomenal customer service.  I have tried multiple hosting companies over the years, but none of them can compare to SiteGround.  You also get a free SSL license with your hosting.  (Added bonus)  Check them out and use this link to get special pricing.


Email Service

My favorite email service provider is Convert Kit.  A lot of people ask why Convert Kit versus MailChimp.  Three reasons I really love ConvertKit:

  1. Convert Kit is easier to use than some other providers when creating sequences and automations
  2. You can tag your subscribers so you know which products or services they are interested in and can tailor your emails to them and
  3. Convert Kit makes it super easy to see how many of your emails are being opened and clicked on so you can change things up that aren’t working.

Check them out here.


WordPress Themes

Getting a paid vs free WordPress theme is really a must just for security reasons alone.  I really appreciate Elegant Themes selection, but almost always use their Divi them because of the flexibility of what you can do as well as the ease of changing things around.  It is easy to use and manipulate and will have your website looking like a million bucks.  And, if you choose the lifetime access package, you also get Bloom and Monarch (see more info about them below.) Check out Elegant Themes here.


The easiest sharing plugin you can add to your WordPress site is Monarch by  Elegant Themes. I love that it enables you to customize different networks for sharing and following, change your colors to keep you on brand and you can add it to specific pages, posts or both. Making it easy peasy for your fans to share your stuff anywhere, anytime.  It is included in the lifetime access package with Divi and Bloom. Check out Elegant Themes here.


If you want to easily create beautiful opt-in forms and connect them to your favorite email service provider, you should check out Bloom by  Elegant Themes. I love that you can add images, create pop-ups, link forms to buttons and the integration is seamless. This is one of the inclusions in the lifetime access to the Elegant Themes product suite which also includes Monarch and Divi.  Check out Elegant Themes here.


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