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How many times have you searched for a recommended website and:

  1. You can’t find it with a simple Google search.
  2. It has security error so you’re afraid to proceed.
  3. It’s not mobile responsive so you can’t view it from your phone or tablet.
  4. You can’t figure out who they are or what they do?
  5. They aren’t giving you the information that you want.

YIKES! It’s so frustrating!  You just wanted to find the answer.  Why are they making it so difficult?  Or worse did you just search out someone else.

Now take a look at your own website.  Does it meet all of these criteria and then some?  How many customers have you lost to Google search because your people couldn’t find what they needed on your website?

I get it! It’s hard to figure out all this marketing stuff.  There is social media, and email and blogging and strategy.  You don’t even have a logo you like.  It can be SO OVERWHELMING!  Stop!  There’s an easier answer.

This is why I created the Building A Profitable Website Course.  The place to get some straight answers on what works, how to do it and not spend money on things that frankly you just don’t need to be doing.

This program was created to help YOU dig deep (yep like apple pie deep) into your business and discover what will work for your product or service.  Not one business is the same.  This program will help you distinguish the areas where you need to stand out, where you should be investing your money and most importantly how to get the most bang for your investment.


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Fall 2018

Are you posting on social media, making live videos or creating blog posts but still haven’t seen a change in your business?

I hate to tell you this…but you have a sales funnel problem.

Most entrepreneurs do, because frankly – most don’t even know what a sales funnel is or how to create one.  No blame here – I didn’t know either until someone showed me.  How would you know?  It’s not your genius zone – you’re busy making sandwiches or smoothies or creating something else briliant.

But a sales funnel will make 100% of a difference in your business and how you are attracting, loving on and keeping clients.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see some traction from all that work you’re putting in?  That’s why I created the Building Profitable Sales Funnels course.  To give you the basics, show you how to set them up with your favorite email provider (I have my own) and start generating some traction with your website and all of your online marketing.

Sound intriguing?

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Starting Fall 2018

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